Some perks for a Mac

There are many reasons why a Mac is better than a PC.  Both computers are very popular but the general public tends to stick with the new, updated version.  Everyone wants to try something new, and that is exactly what a Mac offers to its customers.  Some of the new features that give the Mac that “wow” factor would be the idea that Macs have a sleek cool design with brand new touch technology.  This allows the user to pinch, rotate, swivel and swipe to scroll or edit pictures (10 reasons).  This is a feature that Windows PC does not have.  Presentation is also another major perk that Macs have over PC’s.  Macs Keynote program allow the user to present “Hollywood-quality presentations quickly and easily.” ( Mac vs PC).  Mac’s iMovie application allows the user to create movies, and short videos.  The Exhibit presenter allows you to insert connotations, zoom and magnify, and to make your presentation more professional. (Mac vs PC)

Another key factor that makes Macs so unique compared to the PC is that it is much more secure.  “There are re­portedly well over 100,000 viruses for PCs. For  Macs? The answer is zero.”(Mac vs PC)  No one wants to use a computer when there is a large risk of downloading a virus.  Mac users can operate their computer risk free and do not have to worry about getting any viruses.  This makes the Mac the choice that is the safest and most fun.  There is always something to do on a Mac.  If the user is looking for a computer that is designed for a more artsy purpose, the Mac is the perfect computer that is safe and lots more fun than a PC.



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